Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Born To Run

It’s amazing how loud the voices can be sometimes. The “little people,” as I like to call them, are those nagging thoughts inside my head that tell me I can’t do it, I’m not supposed to behave a certain way, I have limitations. They’re like a horse’s bit, holding me back when all I want to do is run.

I guess I’ve always had them. Born from a tragedy in my childhood, they are the reason I was seduced into two abusive relationships back to back. In those days I paid an awful lot of attention to their lies. I remember how loud they seemed to me; and I also remember the moment I chose to stop listening.

We all come to that crossroad sooner or later -- the point when we have to decide if our sense of courage is stronger than our sense of fear. For me, it was when I made the choice to leave a bad marriage, travel to another country and make a life for me and my two girls. I came to the United States from Puerto Rico without a college degree or a husband, and I took a job making $65 a week doing hair. What I found was a career I love, a sense of security I created myself and a place I call home.

Today, I’m 53 years old. I’m a successful business woman, an entrepreneur and a life coach. I no longer feel that sensation of drowning in fear. Over time, one strong decision after another, I’ve learned to swim.

In this blog, I hope to encourage you to quiet those thoughts in your own head that keep you from being all you want to be. I’ll share my struggles and triumphs, the lessons I’ve picked up along the way and tips for helping you become your best self. We’ll talk about everything from singleness to finances, exercise to travel.  Need a healthy recipe? You’ll find it here. Want some ideas on improving your time management?  Check back in. Looking for tips on dating later in life? Well, I’ve got those too.

Mainly what you’ll find at a Margarita Moment is a cheerleader telling you that life doesn’t always have to be like this -- you can change, you can reinvent yourself and there’s no age limit on your dreams. Do I still hear the little people? Sure. Sometimes it’s when someone tells me I’m kind and I remember all those times an abuser told me I was selfish. Other times it’s when a man tells me I’m beautiful and I hear it but don’t necessarily see it. The little people are still there trying to keep me small, but I’ve learned to change the dialogue. I’ve learned that what I can become is stronger than what I once was.  I invite you to come along for the journey and discover how you can start living the life you were meant to live as well.

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  1. I can't wait to follow along ~ you are truly an inspiration, Margarita.